Our Aircraft

True Course Flight School provides instruction in three state-of-the-art aircraft. These airplanes are:our-aircraft

N7543G  –  Cessna 172 Skyhawk:  A four-seat, single-engine airplane equipped for both VFR and IFR training. Rental rate is $139/hr.

N6684G  –  Cessna 150 Commuter: A two-seat, single engine airplane equipped for VFR only training.  Rental rate is $127/hr.


N76383 – Cessna 140 Tailwheel: A two seat single engine airplane. Used for instruction that leads to a tailwheel logbook endorsement. Dual instruction only.  $104/hr.

RedBird TD2 Simulator:  This is used for instrument training. Time on this sim with an instructor can be logged to meet instrument currency requirements. Rental rate is $40/hr.

Instructor rates: The instructor rate for private pilot training in our aircraft is $40 per hour. Any other advanced training (instrumental, commercial, flight reviews, etc.) or any training in the owner’s aircraft is $50.00 per hour. The typical lesson ranges from 1.3 to 1.6 hours in the plane, with two hours of instructor time, so the average lesson cost is usually somewhere between $220.00 to $270.00. However keep in mind that this can vary. There is no sales tax on flight training. The “Helpful Downloads” tab provides more insight into cost. You can also click the “Financing Information” tab for more details on financing your flight training

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