Meet the Instructors

  • Jeff Vandeyacht CFI, CFII, MEI Jeff is the owner of True Course Flight School. He’s been a flight instructor since 1993, and thrives on helping students experience the thrill of flying on their own... Read More »
  • Dan Larson CFI, CFII Dan is an instrument flight instructor with over 6,300 hours of flying time who has been flying for over 40 years... Read More »
  • Neil Ringler CFI CFII Neil grew up near the traffic pattern at Long Beach Municipal Airport in southern California.  He has been a pilot since 1987, and a flight instructor since 1996.... Read More »
  • Chris Blas CFI Chris is a retired (2015) Air Force Aircraft Mechanic and Instructor Flight Engineer having flown thousands of hours on KC-135s, EC-130s, AC-130s and CV-22 Ospreys.... Read More »