Meet the Instructors

  • Jeff Vandeyacht CFI, CFII, MEI Jeff is the owner of True Course Flight School. He’s been a flight instructor since 1993, and thrives on helping students experience the thrill of flying on their own... Read More »
  • Dan Larson CFI, CFII Dan is an instrument flight instructor with over 6,300 hours of flying time who has been flying for over 40 years... Read More »
  • Neil Ringler CFI CFII Neil grew up near the traffic pattern at Long Beach Municipal Airport in southern California.  He has been a pilot since 1987, and a flight instructor since 1996.... Read More »
  • Tom Forleo CFI Tom spent more than 3 decades as a Pharmacist and now enjoys the pleasure of retiring ”early” and realizing his dream of sharing his passion for flight by teaching others to fly.  “I look forward to flying every morning!”.... Read More »
  • Geoffrey Gerace CFI Geoffrey grew up in Syracuse and spent most of his time staring up at the clouds fascinated by airplanes. He has been flying planes, in simulators at least, since he was old enough to use a computer.... Read More »