Jeff Vandeyacht


Jeff is the owner of True Course Flight School. He’s been a flight instructor since 1993, and thrives on helping students experience the thrill of flying on their own. What began as a hobby for Jeff when he received a gift certificate for a discovery flight is now his lifelong passion. Ask Jeff about his favorite parts of being a flight instructor and he’ll list off several, including:

  • A person’s first discovery flight. He says the look on their face when they realize they’re actually flying an airplane is priceless.
  • The first time a student lands the airplane on their own without help from him.
  • The first solo. “It’s so much fun to watch them take off without me with them for the first time!”
  • Sending them off for their practical test and having them come back with their private pilot certificate.

Jeff is an enthusiastic and patient instructor who is truly passionate about his job. Even after 12,000 hours of dual given, he remarks that he never tires of teaching people to fly.